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Welcome to my website. My name is Heleena and I've been a practising counsellor, mentor, and therapy practitioner for twenty years.

I work in an integrative way and rely on the process to establish a trusting, safe and warm friendly environment where; 'you' the client may be able to open up and speak of the things in your life that have proven to be anxious making, shaming or even acutely distressing to recall specific past events. Nothing ventured; nothing gained! Supressing, denying or burying deep anxieties, hurts and fears only makes us ill and less able to manage these states. Our bodies react to denial and suppression by developing symptoms, depression, physically weary, unmotivated and /or diseased, if we prevent or fail to process and express sadness, fear, grief and sorrow, anxiety and fears. Joy can only come and enter our experiences in our natural body if and when the latter have been expressed and shed and given their rightful space and place of honour in a life journey. Emotions are our response to life's challenges and hardships. Emotions do not lie to us they are real and a barometer of our wholeness or disease. Recognising one's own feelings is also nothing to do with SELF PITY. It is a brave and courageous process to understand one's emotions and how to process and to eventually manage these fluid states more effectively. This is the challenge for us all.

Crisis, trauma, relationship breakdown, isolation, depression and worry of any kind may create distress, grief and despair in life's journey. If you find yourself cycling in ever diminishing circles, trying to make cognitive sense of this can be quite bewildering and complex and we can get stuck in the 'grief' or the sadness or trauma, unable to dissolve. My life journey, skills and experiences as a counsellor /psychotherapist /professional mentor / clinical supervisor (for other counsellors) offer a unique and personal way of enabling you the client to appreciate and to understand your own inner resources and abilities to cope with life trials and tribulations. Enabling, supporting (you the client) to recall and to process, develop emotionally to grow stronger through challenging times,in order to come to a place of greater acceptance and potentially a better quality of life with humility, grace and inner confidence.

My counselling and psychotherapy service is currently based in Wantage, near Grove, (click here for a map) 5 miles from Abingdon, four miles from Didcot, ten miles from both Hungerford and Oxford city centre in Oxfordshire. I'm willing to travel further afield though to support groups / team building in the corporate sector.

In the last four years I have been committed to working /developing my unique creativity /artwork in a psycho-spiritual way. This now supports and informs my psychotherapeutic work. It has been transformative in my own life journey and enabled me to develop intuitive skills about life and people. Creativity can be a way to fully express one's personal dilemma and to find a way to travel through this to a space and place that integrates and transforms one's feelings, thoughts and process.

Please click onto 'Gallery' at the top of the home page and view the paintings--that may be for sale. I now offer workshops to the private and corporate sector for self and team development; Team Building skills and self evaluation, self reflection and to genuinely offer a playful, fun experience which may lead into a sense of well-being and wholeness and insight; at the end of the process engaged with.

I offer my expertise as a Doula: Coach Mentor; for pregnant women who would wish to access this service during this challenging phase in their lives. This may include attending with you; during the labour with emotional and psychological support. I've been a Midwife and a Mother myself, so fully understand the great opportunity for this to be a life enhancing time, for both Mother and unborn child. 

At the other end of life stages: I am also interested in offering my expertise to sit with any relative you may have who is dying. If you are the main carer and need a break during the night I am an experienced palliative care nurse and very happy to sit with a person for a night or two to enable and support you the carer to rest: a fee will be charged for an 8 hour duration. I have witnessed many deaths: dying is a process / and the way that a person approaches their death is very important and need not be traumatic yet peaceful if managed well.

Permission must be obtained before any images or writing is taken from my text. It is against ethics to either copy or print details of my profile. Copy Write of any of the images on this website belongs to me and WRITTEN PERMISSION must be obtained to use any of them. 

Counselling and therapy can help restore full enjoyment to life, with all its potential. Maybe now is the right time for you to take time to take the First Step.


  • Is life stressful?
  • Are things getting on top of you?
  • Do you need space to explore how you feel?
  • Why not seek to explore thoughts and worries in a calm place?
  • Come and discover what really makes you tick as a person?
Psychotherapy and counselling comes into its own in creating a safe holding environment, supporting you the client through this dynamic change far more quickly than is sometimes the case or is possible alone. As a highly skilled practitioner with a depth of knowledge, training and understanding in trauma, relationship concerns, workplace concerns and career development I can help you to come through these challenges with a greater compassion, understanding of life and more expansive 'self'.

I am fully committed to providing counselling and psychotherapy within a safe and calm environment, with confidentiality being fully respected. I work with individuals and couples across all age groups, on an open-ended basis or for an agreed period of time. I manage all areas and aspects of concerns; as a Psychotherapist our training is long and complex and we cover all aspects of human conditions and areas of suffering and pain. I have many years' experience in the following areas:
Work-related issues (for example, bullying in the work-place)
  • Relationship dynamics and ruptures, divorce and grief
  • Panic Attacks and stress symptoms
  • Anxiety and fears
  • Bereavement or loss of any kind
  • Depression and despair
  • Harassment and sexual abuse
  • Addictions, eating disorders etc.
  • Trauma (with specific training in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • Supervision for other counsellors and therapists
  • Personal therapy for students in Psychotherapy & Counselling


An initial session will offer an opportunity for you to share your concerns. It takes much courage and commitment to consider counselling, but I believe it is well worth the investment to a life enhancing process overall.
Please don't hesitate to contact me
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Heleena Yates is a counsellor serving the counties of Oxfordshire: serving nearby towns; Didcot, Abingdon, Hungerford, Grove and just ten miles from the centre of Oxford City where a bus service operates and comes to the centre of Wantage into the market square.