I offer a number of different approaches to counselling, addressing many kinds of concerns and issues. For immediate concerns when crisis or relational breakdown occur I may offer you an initial assessment to see what is needed for emotional support or any other defined support.

My work with people is focused on offering therapy to the unique needs of each individual regardless of the presenting issues, trauma or other deep concerns. Because I have studied several theoretical models in depth and worked across multiple presenting concerns, there is very little that I am unfamiliar with. Everyone of course sees their problem as unique and indeed they are and yet there are also universal problems symptoms that are part of being human: anxiety, fear, isolation, poor self worth, confused ID, loss of direction, existential crisis, fear for the future, death / grief: loss of job, loss of partner /or spouse, bullying ( either at school or in the workplace ), exploitation, rape, sexual abuse---these are the many concerns I will work with and any other unnamed. It doesn't have to be as challenging as the above; even small events may throw us into despair and failure; because we often don't know events that have deeply affected us from our birth onwards and from those of our own parents or indeed our ancestry may play an archetypal part in our being and how we are in the world. So I work with anything that is concerning you in the present moment in time. 

I will also willingly work with any person who wishes to explore their own sense of spirituality, because very often this can be at the core of one's values and morality. My own experiences embraces both Eastern and Western traditions as I feel that both have many things to augment our understanding of God or Higher Power. Exploring and seeking how one might best have a spiritual practise or essence as a human being can bring both a challenge and a blessing to your own humanity and communication with others.


These are focused on a life event crisis, with longer-term work being where we agree that there are further concerns and patterns creating difficulties in your relationships and working life.

Counselling is a challenging yet potentially rewarding process giving you a chance to heal and resolve traumas in your life, unlocking your potential to be fully human and compassionate. Any client who attends will have my full commitment to the process... Why not give it a go?

Some concerns people bring to counselling & psychotherapy:
  • Low self esteem and lack of confidence
  • Depression, loss and a sense of isolation
  • Trauma - child or adult. Sexual abuse, rape, vicarious trauma or the witness to trauma
  • Sex Abuse or emotional abuse: any traumatic encounter that creates and causes distress fear and anxiety.
  • Domestic violence---both victim and perpetrators of this commonality.
  • Career evaluation and mentoring, life coaching
  • Loss - of a job, partner, friend by either divorce or death etc.
  • Loss of direction and motivation to engage with life
What Benefits can be expected?
  • Greater sense of self worth
  • An increased care of 'self'
  • Creative and dynamic changes to entrenched unhelpful patterns of behaviour
  • A depth of aliveness you may not have had previously
  • A deeper capacity to love yourself and so love others in return.
  • More confidence that is real and not just a front or egotistical
  • Sensitivity to self and to others


Reflection is an important part of therapy, and allowing space for creative work can be the beginnings of healing. Art work or journal writing may be a useful tool; using words, paint and free play to express one's feelings and emotions as they unfold.

Reflection can also take the form of communion and walk into nature: take a walk through nature and observe and listen with all of your senses. Take a moment to be still and observe the potential movement of life, the colours that you witness the air and breezes, the warmth of the sunshine or the rain on your face and skin. Drink it all in these are free gifts from our natural world there to be seen experienced and received.

Notice when you do this what happens inside! How do you feel inside this body you reside in? Loosen the thoughts that become rather weary and monotonous and even critical and self judgemental... it has all been thought previously there is nothing in our thinking that is original ---it has all been said before and thought previously.


A doula is a birthing coach; supporting the prenatal mother through pregnancy and labour. As a former midwife, mother and someone that experienced too much medical intervention during labour I can offer my services throughout a pregnancy, or at the stages of labour and post-delivery all through all of this. Mothers-to-be can feel overwhelmed by the rapid changes during labour and a wiser older woman can make for a whole different experience, and an outcome worthy of the Mother's effort dignity and humanity.

Providing emotional, physical and practical support; enabling the woman to feel both safe, secure and confident to experience a labour that often comes with an improved outcome. A doula does not intervene in the medical process of the delivery, but we do support the process and emotional challenges of this life event.


Some possible outcomes and benefits of psychotherapy /counselling might be:

Feeling more confident.
Relationships improve.
More empathy towards self and towards others.
Cessation of self destructive behaviours.
Self worth and value will grow.
Personal sense of being a unique and valued individual.
Strategies and tools to manage challenging life encounters.
Change isn't always the answer /self acceptance might be the key.,
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Heleena Yates is a counsellor serving the counties of Oxfordshire: serving nearby towns; Didcot, Abingdon, Hungerford, Grove and just ten miles from the centre of Oxford City where a bus service operates and comes to the centre of Wantage into the market square.